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Strata Medical, with headquarter at Rua Helena, 280 – Suites 302 and 303, City and State of São Paulo, presents its Privacy of Policy. We try to explain items of our users' interest and to demonstrate our commitment with the privacy of the same ones.

The contained information in this site are provided by Strata Medical of Brazil indicated in the initial page (home page) as being the owner of the website (“Strata Medical”) and with the purpose of providing information to the user of general interest. In agreement with facts or specific circumstances, the application of laws and regulations can vary.

Based in the fundamental universal condition of the process of electronic communication, Strata Medical of Brazil doesn't assure nor it guarantees that this website will stay uninterrupted, without discrepancy, exempt of mistake, exempt of omission or free from virus.

We just use the identifiable personal information to answer to their requests and to render information on the products and services of Strata Medical of Brazil, unless we obtain your permission to use the personal information for other purpose. For instance, if you send us a message for e-mail requesting information on Strata Medical of Brazil, we will use your e-mail address and other information provided to answer to your request.

The personal information for you provided will be maintained just during the necessary time to assist the purposes for which such information were collected or as demanded by law. We don't share personal information with third parties, except when necessary for the acting of our activities or when demanded by law or for other legal processes and we never sold personal information.

Besides, Strata Medical of Brazil adopts policy and procedures of technological and operational safety to protect their identifiable personal information against loss, improper use, alteration or inadvertent destruction. Our personnel with access to the data is trained to maintain the confidentiality of such information.

Strata Medical of Brazil recognizes its responsibility of protecting the on-line privacy of the visitors of their sites personal information. If you have questions or comments regarding our administration, get in touch with us for the address 

You can use this address also to inform on us eventual concerns related with conformity subjects with our policy of on-line privacy.

Legal declaration

To obtain information about the conditions of use of this website you may also access the link Terms of Use.


Terms of Use

The content published in this site of the Internet or other domains related to the company are property of Strata Medical of Brazil Ltda. The information here contained will only be able to be used for personal purposes and never commercial, it is not allowed, however, any exclusion, alteration or subsequent reproduction of this content.

This website is protected by international laws of copyrights.

Other publications or commercial uses of the materials of this website are not admitted, without the expressed permission in writing of Strata Medical of Brazil Ltda.

When using the website of Strata Medical of Brasil Ltda. over the internet or providing the personal data, you are authorizing us to capture, use and revelation, as it is is described in the Privacy Policy of this website or in any observance declaration to the privacy of the country.

In case you don't approve the capture, the use and the revelation of the personal data, as here described and in the observance declarations to the applicable privacy in the country, don't use the websites of Strata Medical of Brazil Ltda.

Strata Medical of Brazil Ltda. and the third parties involved in the creation and production of this website are exempt of responsibility by losses, direct and indirect damages of the use, or, impossibility of using or others connected to this website.

When applicable the Commercial Marks, Brands, Packings and Products presented in this site, are protected by laws in Brazil and outside. Any use is not allowed without the previous authorization in writing of Strata Medical of Brazil Ltda.

This Terms of use can be updated at any moment without prior advise. We recommend the periodic access to this page.

Connection with other sites

As services rendered, this site can contain links and connections with other websites, to the which this Privacy Policy may not be applied. We recommend the entire reading of their Privacy Policy of these websites before providing them personal information.


This Privacy Policy will be able to be updated at any moment, without notice. We recommend its access to this page periodically.

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